Running a laboratory is a long procedure of searching, selecting, ordering and receiving as well as installing. All steps are shortened in one via contacting us. TVANA proposed the most suitable based on your order.
Being in touch with a variety range of manufacturers and university centers help us to offer the latest technical changes and developments in your area. Our experience in customs affairs, exporting laws and orders make the procedure of shipping more convenient.


On top of running a lab, education of people who want to use and teach as well as maintenance staff is a considerable fact. TAVANA can run some workshops to educate the people who are known as users and operators in a lab. Theoretical courses to teach technical approaches and models are also available.


Why spend time and energy trying to overcome the complexities of procurement on an almost incomprehensible marketplace? We can find the right solutions to help you run your laboratory efficiently. To us, selling laboratory equipment does not end with the procurement of the ordered items. We will install all equipment and train your staffs.


• Packaging and shipping goods (Incl. documentation, accreditation, inspection, customs clearance and etc.)
• Handling of consumables
• Safe transportation and shipping
• Controlling of the entire logistic process
• Compliance and warranty management

Lab Furniture

TAVANA can launch specific labs. The process of launching a lab is managed by TAVANA. You can select some interrelated equipment to launch a specific lab e.g. nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science and etc. or select a mixture of equipment to run a central lab. Decorating of laboratory based on your purpose is also available.


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