You are able to register your demand to order one equipment in all supported laboratories. We provide all process to deliver your demand as soon as possible. More than 500 equipment are available to be ordered.

General Lab Equipment

Providing advanced lab equipment is not the only part of TAVANA Co. potential. General equipment is also supported from smallest consumable to designing the setting of a lab. Our experts and specialists can share their experiences to run your lab efficiently.

Specialist Products

Our services are not limited by selling a product or furnishing a specific lab. Another sophisticated option is being in touch with scientific groups whose project needs a subtle consultation to go forward. We have made a network with manufacturers and knowledge based companies as well as research institutes to meet the challenges.

Nanotechnology Lab

Nanotechnology lab, by and large, is equipped to support synthesis and characterization of nano materials. There is a comprehensive package that make you able to run research in related to nanomaterials, nanoelectronics, nanocoating, nanobio materials, and nanochemistry.

Biotechnology Lab

A Biotechnology lab provides students with the fundamentals of biotech combined with extensive, hands-on laboratory experience and internship opportunities. From health and agriculture to environmental protection and security, the capabilities are diverse and promising.

Pharmaceutical Lab

Pharmaceutical science lab provides state-of-the-art equipment for preparation of various conventional solid and liquid dosage forms. These instruments are used to produce and characterize pharmaceutical materials.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab provides a central chemistry lab for technical and scientific support in terms of planning and performance of instrumental analytics and methodologies. The established laboratory represents three analytical fields of study: organic, inorganic and isotopic geochemistry.

Chemical Engineering Lab

Chemical engineering lab includes both classical and contemporary pilot-sized unit’s operations and process equipment that are used for development of student’s skills in understanding, researching and operating basic and complex systems.

Physics Lab

Physics lab provides an experimental physics is the bedrock from which all our understanding of the universe must come. Without the ability to test nature, even our major ideas are just speculation.

Electrical Engineering Lab

Electrical engineering lab conducts research, provides measurement services, and helps set standards in support of the fundamental and practical physical standards as well as measurement services for electrical quantities; semiconductors, magnetic, and superconductors.

Mechanical Engineering Lab

Mechanical lab is one of those complex lab in which experiments in related to fluid, dynamic and vibration are incorporated. All demands are covers under a roof.

Materials Science Lab

Materials science lab is designed to meet all needed equipment in process of making and inspecting materials in related to ceramic, polymeric, metallic materials.

Civil Engineering Lab

Civil engineering lab is a lab with numerous cement, aggregate and concrete testing features. Standard cement tests include fineness, soundness, time of set, and strength. Sieve analysis, specific gravity and absorption of the aggregates can also be determined.

Mining Engineering Lab

Mining engineering lab is pioneer in doing research on different aspects of mining engineering. Many research projects could be carried out in the field of exploration, mineral processing, exploitation, rock mechanics and environment.


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