TAVANA international activities were started by signing a strategic cooperation contract with HZS-Nanosurf on Sep. 2015 to lunch nanotechnology laboratories for Chinese middle and high school students.
• Attending CHINANAO annual exhibition from 2015 up to now
• Participating in opening ceremony of TAVANA Nano Lab Guangdong Provincial Party School Guangzhou, July 2017
• Attending Business Matchmaking, Shanghai, May 2018


A strategic cooperation contract between TAVANA and AUT Co. was signed on Sep. 2018.
• Holding a show room of Iranian Advanced Equipment for Omani commercial board (Alfekr) in Tehran and Tabriz, Feb 2017
• Holding nanotechnology workshops for school and college students, Muscat, Al Mussana, Nizwa, Sep. 2018



Our activities in Turkey were started by Launching an agent office in Istanbul and it lead us towards holding some STEAM workshops in Gokksagi, Liceo and Mektebim colleges and schools.
• TAVANA STEM workshop Gokksagi college Istanbul, June 2016
• TAVANA STEAM workshop Liceo, Italian college Istanbul, Nov. 2016
• Holding STEAM workshops for students (Mektebim school) Jan. 2017


lunching a temporary show room of nano advanced equipment in Hyderabad on Oct 2016 was the result of signing MOU between TAVANA and Royal Life Science Indian Co. on 2015.
• Attending INDIALABEXPO exhibition, 2016
• Holding a show room of Iranian Advanced Equipment, Oct. -2016 May 2017



Finally, a cooperation contract between TAVANA and ULEAM Co. was signed to produce educational kits in Manta.
• Holding STEAM workshops for students of Manta school, Dec. 2017
• Holding workshops for university Students, Manta university, Dec. 2017



A nanobiotechnology laboratory was lunched on Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Cuba (CEAC research center) in Havana.
• Launching a nanobiotechnology laboratory, Havana, Jan. 2018
• Training the operators and technicians of CEAC research center, Feb. 2018



TAVANA participated in business match making on Sep 2017 to enter the new market in Southeast Asia.
• Attending Indonesia GESS (Global Educational Supplies & Solutions) Exhibition, Jakarta, Sep 2016
• Attending Business Matchmaking Jakarta, Sep 2017



BETT is the first annual industry show of the year in education technology landscape, bringing together 850 leading companies, 103 exciting new EdTech startups and over 34,700 attendees from the global education community. TAVANA participated in BETT exhibition on 2018.



GESS Dubai 2019 saw 12,000+ education professionals participate in over 250 CPD accredited seminars and workshops, learning from the very best in education in the pursuit of excellence in the classroom. TAVANA annually participates in this exhibition.



EBN is a network of about 150 quality-certified EU|BICs (business and innovation centers) and 100 other organizations that supports the development and growth of innovative entrepreneurs, start- ups and SMEs. TAVANA participated in EBN conferences on 2015.


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