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In today’s fast-moving world, nanotechnology plays an essential role in all aspects of our lives and a large
share of international market is allocated to this technology. In recent years, there have been efforts to develop nanotechnology in different countries. Therefore, training young and qualified nano-scientists and technicians, who are able to get involved in the processes of synthesis, maintenance, and presentation of nanotechnology, is important.
With more than ten years of experience in nanotechnology research and education, TAVANA Corporation has introduced and presented this advanced technology to students at national and international levels by holding hands-on workshops, using general and professional nano lab equipment, and publishing supplementary books. This company offers educational and research packages; by the use of which, students learn the basic concepts of nanotechnology. Furthermore, the company has the capability to improve students’ knowledge by having them observe applications and manufacturing of nano-products in nano-laboratories.


Launching 80 laboratory in the field of Nanotechnology for school students in different Iran province.

Signing a strategic cooperation contract with HZS-Nanosurf to lunch nanotechnology laboratories for Chinese middle and high school students by 105 equipment.

A nanobiotechnology laboratory was lunched on Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Cuba (CEAC research center) in Havana, Cuba

A strategic cooperation contract between TAVANA and AUT Co. was signed to lunch nanotechnology laboratories

Launching a Nanotechnology laboratory in Sucre, Bolivia

Variety Range of Lab Equipment

There are variety of equipment collected to satisfy customers’ requirements. TAVANA Co. has been known as distributor over past 10 years. Our experience and knowledge of furnishing laboratory differentiate us, by which you received a better consultation to equip your lab. Nanotechnology, Material science, mechanical engineering, Electronics, physics, pharmaceutical, bio, civil engineering, Oil & Petroleum and chemistry as well as chemical engineering are covered by TAVANA Co.


Higher Education and Vocational Training Solutions

Training operators to learn how apparatus should be installed and run is another part of furnishing a specific laboratory. Throughout theoretical and pragmatic education process operators acquire needed skills and knowledge to operate apparatus in its high efficiency.


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